Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fashion trends summer 2011

Fashion trends summer 2011
Main fashion trends of season summer 2011 year. Women's blouses in any time is one of the most popular item in women's wear. In fashion summer 2011 we can see the same trend.

The most important thing in fashion make-up summer 2011 - a perfect face color. In the focus of the make-up 2011 - eyes and lips. Bright color lipstick again coming into fashion trends summer 2011.

Shiny materials and accessories is actual in summer 2011. A white blouse, silver skirt and silver necklace - simple and elegant!

In cool weather in summer 2011 look great variety of boots, shoes and botilony. Color, style and heel height depends only for your mood. Be fashionable in summer 2011.

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